Removing Fellow Directors: Not Always The Answer

Earlier this month. the Federal Court of Australia decided that the removal of a director by the only other director of a company was invalid. The Federal Court held this action to be invalid, and the case now serves as a useful lesson to ensure that any corporate documents are consistent with each other and with all applicable legislation.

Balancing The Needs Of Parents And Children In Matters Concerning Relocation

Parents, whether together or apart, know the difficulty of deciding what is in their child’s best interests. In the family law context, family law courts must consider a range of competing factors to determine what is in the best interests of children of separated caregivers. This is particularly important in relocation matters where often primary carers argue a relocation may improve parental support system, but prospective “left behind parents” argue distance will likely impede the child/parent relationship.

FWO Pursues Caltex Franchisee

In 2016, the FWO randomly audited 15 franchisees to ensure compliance with the Fair Work Act. Due to discrepancies discovered during the audit, Aulion Pty Ltd will shortly appear in court in relation to the alleged underpayment of overseas workers and falsification of employment records.

High Court Refuses Special Leave. The “Ultimate Consumer Test” Is Here To Stay In Determining Whether Premises Are “Retail”

Last Friday, the High Court of Australia refused special leave to appeal the decision of the Victorian Court of Appeal in IMCC Group (Australia) Pty Ltd v CB Cold Storage Pty Ltd [2017] VSCA 178.